Sasha Bilar, President & CEO – (Click for Bio)

Sasha Bilar; President & CEO, Spectrum ITC Group

Sasha Bilar brings vision, humanity, and long-range planning to Spectrum ITC Group. As Spectrum’s Chief Executive Officer, she has guided the firm through victorious and challenging developments including the firm’s ambitious entry into Global Technology Consulting.

Based on Sasha’s ownership role, Spectrum has been certified as a Small, Female-Owned, Disadvantaged-Minority-Enterprise through the California Department of Transportation (DOT). Originally from Bangkok, Sasha enjoyed a unique view into the mechanics of Political Systems. Her father was appointed to the team drafting Thailand’s Constitution.

Sasha earned a degree in Political Science from a prestigious Thai university, and then joined a Bangkok Media Firm to Produce & Direct documentaries and news shows for Broadcast TV. She was a celebrity along with her all-female rock band musician friends during the 1970’s, and is still very well connected with elite colleagues and friends from Thailand, many of whom are well-placed in the political arena as high ranking officers or International Entrepreneurs.

Upon emigrating from Thailand to the United States, Sasha embarked on a course of study at Cal State University, Fullerton, where she completed numerous intensive programs in Graphics, Illustration, and Computer Multimedia/Animation, earning a Master’s Degree in Art & Design.

Fluent in Thai and English, she has earned a first degree black belt in Karate, and is also well known as a Holistic healer in her community of friends. Sasha has great compassion for children, especially those from the underprivileged tribal areas of Thailand. Through the “Toys for Thailand” organization she co-founded, Sasha travels frequently with her family and volunteers on self-sponsored humanitarian trips, promoting sustainable efforts which benefit the children and villages in the remote Thai-Myanmar border area. Toys for Thailand has 501[c](3) status. Learn more at:

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