Integrated Technology Consulting & Design Services

SPECTRUM ITC Group supports Architects, Stakeholders, Developers, Builders and Project Managers throughout all phases of projects that incorporate Integrated Audio Visual Communications Systems.

We provide support at Program Development, Concept, Schematic, & Design Development, Budgeting & Bid, Construction Documentation & Installation phases, and Systems Commissioning and Training.

Available Services:

  1. Strategy, Vision, Planning.
  2. Needs assessment, Requirements Development, Basis of Design Documentation.
  3. Integrated Technology Overlay & Application – “Proof of Concept” Testing & Evaluation in our Lab.
  4. Integrated Technology System Concept, Budget, Schedule, Implementation Planning.
  5. Architectural Design Support, Construction Documentation.
  6. Coordination of Trades & Design Disciplines.
  7. Preliminary Systems Design: Technology “Proof of Interoperability” Testing in our lab.
  8. Detailed Systems Design: Engineering, Integration, Build Drawings and Documentation.
  9. Integrated Control Systems Design – User Interface Appearance & Operation (“Look & Feel” of the control systems).
  10. Bid Preparation, Response Review, Recommendations.
  11. Construction Oversight, Field Coordination, RFI responses & adaptations.
  12. Integrated Systems Configuration, Control Systems Finalization.
  13. Integrated Systems Testing & Acceptance, “Proof of Performance”.
  14. User training, systems operability enhancements.
  15. Integrated Technology Documentation.
  16. Long-Term Maintenance Planning.

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